Biomass Plant Summery

Biomass Plant Summery

The Biomass project within the CRIM SAFRI Project will be hosted in two localities in Malta. The main equipment will be held at a small building company SME called Attard Bros Ltd, which is situated in ta’ Qali, close to the new American Embassy. Attard Bros is not only involved in the concrete products and building industry but also has a small factory that produces high quality, custom made furniture.

The other part of the equipment which is the monitoring station will be hosted on the ground floor at the Applied Science Institute within MCAST main campus in Paola. The monitoring station will be able to function and transmit data via internet, and it will be under the watchful eye of MCAST and MIEMA to collect all the necessary data for the project.

Attard Bros have about 10 workers in the joinery industry and about 50 workers in the building sector. Eurocarft which is the name of this subsidiary company, was the one chosen from 4 other bidders to host the Biomass plant. Eurocart use a variety of wood, from soft wood, such as white deal and red deal, to hard wood like Oak, Eroko, Beech, they also use laminated wood.

The Biomass that MCAST has bought for the CRIM SAFRI Project is produced in America for developing country, in fact this type of equipment they call it the Power Pallet, due that it is small, compact, and can be easily transported on the back of a small pickup truck. It can produce between 15 to 20 KW, and the advantages of this equipment are the breakthroughs in the Electronic Control, and the Waste-Heat recycling.

The new microcontroller does most of the work of an expert operator that normally operates these type of equipment.. Its multi-stage gasification, combined with an innovation gasifier-engine thermal integration, improves tar conversion and fuel flexibility. This equipment can use agriculture and forestry waste materials and even wood waste produced by the furniture industry.

The PP20 consists of a multi-stage gasifier, spark-fired industrial engine, generator head, and a Process Control Unit, this controller monitors and responds to all internal reactor, engine and filtering conditions, displaying the results on a LCD screen. It also automatically adjusts the syngas/air mixture via a wide-band Bosch oxygen sensor and agitates the ash grate when required.

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