Technology powered by renewable sources. 20-20-20 TARGETS

Technology powered by renewable sources. 20-20-20 TARGETS

It will be held on Monday, October 20th in Sciacca at the Blasco Hall at Town Hall – the event entitled “Technology powered by renewable sources. 20-20-20 Targets” that is part of the project:


Coordinated by the Sicilian Region, Regional Department of Urban Planning, the project counts among its partners the Regional of Department Culture and the Environment, CNR – IBIM, the DEIM (Department of Energy, Engineering and Mathematical Models) of the University of Palermo, MEDORO of Catania, the Chamber of Commerce of Agrigento, and two Maltese scientific institutions that deal with energy and the environment, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA).

The goal is to create two research Centers for environmental sustainability and renewable sources for the Mediterranean area, one in the Maltese territory and one at the chamber of commerce of Agrigento. The centers will support the local authorities, consortia and networks of small and medium enterprises in the implementation of strategies for Sustainable Consumption according to COM (2008) 397 final, Commission Directive 2009/125/CE on energy related products and the European package “energy climate” (Strategy 20-20-20 by 2020).

The centers as hubs of applied design research of compatible innovative production solutions.

They are born to ensure the active collaboration with businesses and to create an interface between the Mediterranean area, the Italian and Maltese Ministries of the Environment and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission; to spread the research and experimentation that the project partners are conducting throughout the territory on the issues of the development of eco-innovative systems powered by renewable energy sources at the SMEs, SME consortiums and networks of SMEs, the commissioning of innovative technologies and the use of BAT (Best Available Technologies) in the production processes. Not least the issue of research and development of criteria for eco-design, to obtain environmental certification and environmental and energy management systems.

Opening the conference are Dr. Maurizio Pirillo – General Director of the Regional Department of Physical Planning of the Sicilian Region and Dr. Gaetano Cognata – Environmental Councilor of the City of Sciacca. Followed by interventions by Arch. Giovanni Salemi – CRIM SAFRI Project Manager and Project Coordinator, Dr. Emanuele Villa – Managing Authority of JTS O.P. Italy Malta 2007/2013 of the Regional Planning Department of the Sicilian Region, Prof. Maurizio Cellura – of the University of Palermo, Engr. Francesco Cappello, Dr. Domenico Santacolomba – Sicilian Region Energy Department and Prof. Francesco Di Blasi.