The Project

Italy-Malta Cross Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013

Creating an Italian-Maltese research center for environmental sustainability and renewable sources.

The European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, reduce the environmental impacts of products and services throughout their life cycle, so that the market moves towards more sustainable solutions and improves the competitiveness of enterprises.

The demand for products and services with a low environmental impact has been implemented by industrialized countries as an opportunity for change to define a new green economy which will drive towards a strategy that pushes for both the use of renewable energy sources and improving efficiency and energy savings.

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and public administrations are priority sectors for the diffusion of innovative products and services, for the improvement of energy and environmental efficiency, to reduce the demand for energy and for the exploitation of technologies powered by renewable sources.

In an economic environment in which the market is characterized by an increased demand for eco-efficient and eco-sustainable products and services it is necessary to bridge the technology and expertise gap that characterizes SMEs in the Mediterranean and the local authorities, supporting local production systems through dedicated “structures” by fulfilling the role of scientific “consultant” and “advisor” in technical and scientific issues.

In this context, the project aims to create a research center for environmental sustainability and renewable sources for the Mediterranean area, involving the territories of Sicily and Malta.

The Centre supports the local authorities, consortia and networks of SMEs in the implementation of for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) strategies.

The Centre is set up as an applied research center in the design of innovative solutions compatible with the SCP strategies and aims to ensure the active cooperation with the enterprise for the transfer and development of eco-innovative production technologies and the use of renewable sources; to provide design aids and support of technical-scientific knowledge for technological innovation of products and services with a low environmental impact.


The specific objectives of the Center

  • Create a network of stakeholders for innovation and cooperation between research and industry.
  • Develop, implement and disseminate product-oriented tools and to encourage communication between consumers, industry and suppliers to increase the dissemination and awareness about the existence of eco-innovative products.
  • To promote and valorize low-carbon and high efficiency technologies, products and services.
  • To evaluate the processes of productions de-materialization, studying design solutions, plant designs and optimized technology aimed at: reducing the use of raw materials per unit of output, reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources in favor of renewables; activate mechanisms of industrial symbiosis.
  • Support networks of SMEs in the implementation of eco-design directives, design of products with the best environmental performance, implementation of environmental management and energy systems.
  • Provide scientific support to the implementation of training and information campaigns on sustainable consumption and production.
  • Play the role of advisor to the public administrations in the definition of optimal strategies for Green Public Procurement and urban planning instruments aimed towards sustainability and the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors.